Inspired by the Gospel mandates to love, serve and teach, Catholic Charities provides care and services to improve the lives of Marylanders in need.
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"I was homeless, hopeless, and helpless. Catholic Charities helped me turn my life around."
Read about how to help unaccompanied children from Central America below (right).
JOIN US for the 2014 Dragon Boat Races! Sept. 6 at Baltimore's Inner Harbor
"I admire the people who volunteer here to help immigrants. They remind us that Jesus Christ is still alive."
Because of what Catholic Charities makes available, my father is able to live independently with dignity and in safety.

The 2014 Dragon Boat Races Are Here!
The Catholic Charities 2014 Dragon Boat Races will be held Sept. 6 at Baltimore's Inner Harbor. You can join the fun now! Vote for your favorite drummer's hat online until Sept. 3. ... Read more
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Catholic Charities is one agency encompassing more than 80 programs. We're always busy. Find us in the news and learn more about our upcoming events. ... Read more
Help Unaccompanied Children from Central America
To love, To serve, To teach and To work for justice. Our country is responding to a critical humanitarian crisis involving mothers, children and youth, often unaccompanied, presenting themselves at our southern border. We believe that there is no clearer way to live our mission and values than to welcome and respond to the needs of the unaccompanied children and youth who have traveled nearly 2000 miles to escape death, violence and unspeakable atrocities in their home countries in Central America. In Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus calls us to “feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and to welcome the stranger. ”We are answering His call by assisting these children and their families. ... Read more